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Loft conversion design considerations

Loft conversion design considerations

Working closely with the Local Authority Building Control Services we ensure every part of the design complies with current Building Regulations and pay special attention to means of escape in the event of fire.

When considering the design of a loft conversion, we will design new structural floor and walls to support the roof structure to open up and make best use of the quality space available for new habitable rooms. This strengthening of the roof structure is mostly done using steel and all additional loadings are taken down to the foundations of the property.

We often raise height of your existing roof if it is not high enough for a conversion, either using pre-fabricated trusses or a steel ridge beam and cut the roof trusses on site. The advantage of the latter is the new roof can be built over the old first keeping you dry during the conversion.

The new roof can then be combined with velux windows or dormers to meet your requirements. Stairs have to be very carefully considered to ensure they meet building regulations giving the correct amount of headroom and are pleasing to look at and also do not compromise space by turning a good existing room into a hall undoing the benefits of a loft conversion

Options include Velux Windows including the Cabrio units, and dormers with windows which increase significantly and in many cases do not require planning permission.

Balconies or “Juliet” balconies can be added to bring the world into your new room. 

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